GRP Patternmaking


In order to produce a GRP moulding, we must first create a full-size pattern (also known as a ‘plug’), which is built in such a way that it is dimensionally stable and an exact replica of the finished moulding in terms of size and shape. This is usually built from the client’s original design drawing. Whatever the complexity (or simplicity)  of the finished moulding, the methods remain pretty much the same – regardless of whether the product is a simple industrial panel, or at the opposite end of the spectrum a high-end 42′ boat superstructure.

The aim is to achieve a flawless finish  on the pattern, and this will involve high-build primers and paints which can then be flatted down to a fine grade before being compounded to a superb high-gloss finish. This represents the finish which will then be transferred to the mouldtool, and that finish will in turn be replicated on each and every moulding produced from that tool.


I&S have a comprehensive track record in this type of development, over the years producing many patterns on behalf of Lotus Cars, Fairline and Broom Boats, as well as in markets as diverse as retail furniture & display, hovercrafts, racing cars and agricultural equipment.


At all stages of the development process we are in full contact with our clients to discuss any ideas or design changes they may have (and vice versa), as we understand fully the importance of this essential stage of the manufacturing process.


As in all our fields of expertise in GRP, I&S are confident that our no-nonsense approach to our work results in true cost-effectiveness and clients who return again and again.

Please contact us to talk about your ideas, the only limitation is the imagination!